Welcome to my realm. It's a dark and sensual place.

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Novels in the Tropics

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Howdy Folks!  Thanks for swinging by!  I write steamy to scorching urban fantasy romance novels.  My heroines and characters grow within my books and series.  The world my books are set in are either Florida or a Florida Fae Dimension. It's the same world throughout my books. My characters sometimes interact with other series as well.

All my characters experience personal growth, tragedy and redemption.  Nobody is perfect well except maybe Chaistolf from the Spark Bond Series. He's slightly narcissistic.  We can't blame him though, he is a beautiful high fae creature.

Ancient Oak in the Fae Realm

About the Author

As a child, I could always be found in an old oak tree reading a favorite novel or on the back of my horse riding off to a new adventure in Pinellas County, Florida.  

I still have a wild imagination, still love old oak trees and own three beautiful horses that I teach people how to ride on.  

I am still in Pinellas because I love Florida.  I still ride in the state parks.  I still tell wonderful and imaginative stories as well.

Dagney and her high fae lover, Calanon. A wrecked fae assassin who's darkness lurks just underneath.

About My Books

There is kink, fetish, BDSM, scorching sex scenes and even violence. 

Monster and supernatural romance. Hot females who enjoy a touch of CBT, FemDom, Monster cocks and a touch of pain with their pleasure. Males who are sexy, strong, dominant and sometimes dark and wicked. 

Our girls usually end up with a reverse harem. I mean "why choose" right? 

We also end up with male on male love. Female with multiple males. Female on female with males watching. Oh, heck. Who am I kidding? We got orgies here. My high fae are kinky fucks.

Stay tuned for some steamy romance, adventure and a few fun twists.