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Blood and Fae

Book one


He moves closer, too close. Predatory green eyes close slightly as he inhales her scent deliciously. “What are you?” 

Good question. As a child, Nevaeh thought she was a normal, Florida girl with two loving parents and a jealous sister. Ignoring the fact that mom was a Russian pagan and Nevaeh’s still a virgin at twenty-three. 

The death of her sick father drove Nevaeh into the arms of the sexy computer geek at her new job. Sensual and mysterious, Luke just might be the one. Until her sister discovers a family secret that shatters Nevaeh’s world.

Her life has been a lie. Her dreams of love, dissolved. Luke’s lost to another. She’s thrust into a world of violence and blood. Betrayed by those she trusted, reduced to servitude and lost in a society of monstrosities that shouldn’t exist.  

Her humanity shatters when she’s stolen from her new master by the worst monster of them all. The god of the undead, the King of Vampires. He’s aloof, commanding and dead sexy but she’s merely a puppet in his opulent world. A puppet with powerful bloodlines and a species saving secret, that is.

Is King Alexei about to find his equal with the monster lurking inside innocent Nevaeh? Will Nevaeh survive the beast threatening to consume her? What about sweet, delicious Luke? Nevaeh must tread carefully if he’s going to survive her bloodlove. The fae just taste… too good to waste.

Blood and Fae takes us from sunny Florida into the opulence of powerful Russian and Greek vampires and finally a secret agency run by the high fae in Colorado. A.M. Proctor ties the realms she created in her Spark Bond and Ride series beautifully into this new novel. Filled with deliciously dark, sexually charged moments, weaved with ancient Greek gods, mythological creatures, high fae and lusty dominant vampires, this novel is for adventurous adults only.

Blood and Fae, a dark vampire fae romance novel by A.M. Proctor. Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Blood and Fae, a dark vampire fae romance novel by A.M. Proctor

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Blood Rising

Book two in the Blood and Fae Series

Her mate is Alexei, King of the Vampires. He’s strong, competent and loving. But when he leaves his new wife and their twin daughters on his mountainous island in Greece, Nevaeh discovers a horrible secret that shatters her perfect world. 

Nevaeh’s not a queen, she’s a prisoner. Alexei lied to her and her all male vampire harem is already calling dibs on her daughter’s wombs. 

Nevaeh escapes to the God Realm thinking she’s saved her daughters and fae friends but meeting a demon in the God Realm isn’t what she expected. As a matter of fact, the God Realm itself isn’t turning out to be the sanctuary she’d hoped for. 

Torn between love, duty and her goddess family, Nevaeh must discover her gifts before her daughters transition into female vampires. Time’s running out rapidly. Soon they’ll be hunted just like Nevaeh is and it looks like the gods and goddesses of this realm can’t help her.

She will need to form new alliances, friends and lovers but can she really trust a sex demon who shares her vampiric mate’s DNA? He might be amazing in bed but even he admits he more demon than angel.  And whats the deal with the huge gargoyle who’s suppose to be her mortal enemy?  Who can she trust when so much is at stake? Did she misjudge Alexei? Is the grass truly greener?

Welcome to the second book of the Blood and Fae Series. The stakes are higher, the sex is steamier and fae blood still tastes too good to waste.  This book has some darker elements than the first. Mature, adventurous audiences only.

Coming in April 2020 to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Vampire sex, greek god sex, demon sex, fae sex, paranormal sexy romance, monster sex

Taste the High Fae

A Dark and Dirty Standalone Novel coming May 2020

"Come to the Human Realm." She said.

"Let's go to the Florida Keys, Jordie." She said.

I suppose my vacation from the Fae Realm was fun until we were attacked on Alligator Alley in the middle of the night by two female vampires. 

Now I'm captive on an island resort near Key West. Monster Island Resort is a place where the wealthy go to live out their darkest fantasies.  

My handler is a sexy redheaded human named Rory. He's not so bad. His rewards are just as thorough as his punishments. When his mouth is on my cock this dungeon feels like heaven. Even though my cock and balls ache with punishment.

It's the mistress of Monster Island Resort that has me trembling in fear as I shoot my load. She's my mortal enemy. A femdom vampire. They say the fae are too good to waste. I'm praying she doesn't loose control over her bloodlust as she feeds from my cock. I'm going to die here and I just might submit gleefully to death by fangs.

This triad is twisted and dirty. They are monsters through and through. Bloody and violent and yet you'll fall in love with the characters as they fall in love with each other.  Cameo characters from Blood Rising visit this island in a bloody vampire gathering. Yep, our beloved sex demon and his mates bless us with their presence once again.

There are raw dungeon scenes with CBT, Sounding, post orgasm torture, whipping and more. If you like good male on male action mixed with a bit of female fun, this book is for you. Monster sex? OH YES! The island has a zoo of fae creatures and monsters. They like to fuck and eat too. Security is a pack of  surly, sexy Werewolves. Tentacles? We got em. Dark Fae? Yep. Egg laying bug monsters? Oh Yeah.  Reader beware. It's about to get dark in here.

Vampire femdom and high fae male. Taste the high fae, a dark and dirty erotic novel. Monster sex