Welcome to my realm. It's a dark and sensual place.

Welcome to the Ride Series! An Urban Paranormal Dark Romance

The Ride Series is a Dark Fae Romance.

Readers who are over 18 and enjoy a bit of kink with their love are recommended here.  

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Unforgettable Ride, book one in the Ride Series

 The first book in the Ride Series is called Unforgettable Ride.

Dagney Bensley has given up on love.  Nursing some serious wounds after her last relationship ended badly when she found her fiance in bed with another man.

Today she is a horseback riding instructor at a well run barn in Pinellas Park, Florida focused on healing herself through helping people learn horsemanship. 

All was going well for Dagney until she meets Tarquin Swift, a sexy uncle of her favorite young student at her horse show.  No matter how hard she fights it, she's drawn to him even though she knows the rich, sexy man is no good for her.

Tarquin, or Quinn as he is normally called is a top agent for a company called the Measure.  No longer human, he's a created fae assassin whose job it is to eliminate rogue fae creatures who threaten humans.  His boss is a possessive sadist who owns him, mind, body and soul.  He's not fighting his sexual attraction to the unique human called Dagney though, he's pursuing her.  

Tarquin Swift is about to turn Dagney's world upside down on a week long Carnival Cruise on the ship, Miracle.  Suddenly the mythological creatures that  decorate with don't seem so mythological anymore.  Dagney is face to face with vampires, shape shifters and even elves.  

She's in trouble and Quinn can no longer help her.  At least he told her he was a monster before they had one incredible night in bed together. When help is offered from the most unexpected source, she takes a leap of faith and is introduced to a new realm in a parallel Florida universe where she must learn to survive or die at the hands of the Measure's jealous leader.

What she doesn't expect is that she would find love, happiness and a family in the fae realm. 

Just remember, don't poke fun at the surly and dangerous elf or you might get more than you bargain for.  You just might get a unique, reverse harem of incredible fae creatures, a monster and the best sex you have ever experienced.

This book has mature sexual scenes. Suggested readers 18 and over.

Dark Fae Romance Novel Reverse Harem Monster sex

Dark Fae Romance Novel Reverse Harem Monster sex

Forsaken Rider Book 2

Forsaken Rider Book 2 of the Ride Series

Dagney, Calanon and Quinn are back!

Dagney has new challenges to overcome after she is taken from her men, sold into human slavery in the fae realm and then rescued by the Measure and turned into a created fae assassin. For the past three years she has been working as the lowest level agent the Measure has with no memories of anything before.  All she knows is that either she is really bad at her job or that the Measure is setting her up for failure after failure.  Failure in her job is not an option if she wants to survive.

Her reverse harem has to work together to find her, help her regain her memories and finally help her heal and find balance with the enhancements that are living inside her.  Dagney's elf DNA was enhanced and they put a Jaguar inside her that doesn't trust her but they didn't stop there.  She also has a succubus demon inside that has no idea how to behave in public.

To top it all off, Calanon and King Chaistolf have their own challenges as they also return to a dark time in their past and face their own internal demons. Can they help Dagney heal when they too have some healing themselves to do?  Will Dagney ever find the balance she needs and return home to her son as a mother and not the monster she has become?  Will Jan, the head of the Measure, ever stop meddling in Dagney and Quinn's life?  

This book will pull some triggers for some readers.  There is sexual abuse and disfigurement, rape, BDSM play, dominant male roles, sneaky females, a sex demon psychopath and some M/M, M/F/M and an elf orgy.  So mature audiences requested and don't say I didn't warn ya!

Kinky Dark Fae Romance Series

Kinky Dark Fae Romance Series